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  • Fine Arts Program

    Montessori is not a philosophy of teaching, it is a philosophy of life. Attention to detail in the environment fosters beauty creating a peaceful and serene environment throughout the school community. At Pebblecreek Montessori, we put equal emphasis on all areas of the curriculum. Our Fine Arts program is comprised of Music, Art, and Movement. Exposure to the arts fosters critical and creative thinking, grounding, and confidence in the expression of human emotion and freedom to explore and discover the interconnectedness of all things.

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  • Musical Model

    The prototype of the active music and movement model known as Orff Schulwerk is the spontaneous play of young children in which imitation, experimentation, and personal expression occur naturally and unconsciously. In the Orff Schulwerk process, aspects of play are developed consciously to involve learners with the elements of music and movement.

  • Musical Environment
    Music can be heard throughout the day, as the children sing, work, play and grow in their school environment. Children learn about singing and body rhythms first, as Kodaly encouraged, so that they know they can be musical and independent. When ready, the children explore and play Orff instruments, which Carl Orff designed to meet the needs of young instrumentalists. The goal of the music program at Pebblecreek is to awaken musical creativity and guide well balanced children toward artistic development.
  • Different Musical Forms
    Preliminary Play

    Guided experiences in spontaneous exploration of the materials under focus


    Accurate replication (echo response of a given pattern)


    Guided experiences in applying suggested ideas


    Invention of original material

  •  Musical Empowerment

    This approach to learning, developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, builds musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speech, and movement. Active music making is the core of this philosophy, supporting both the conceptual and affective development of children. Active learners develop more thorough and better long-term understanding of the material and ideas involved. Children who regularly improvise and create their own dances and musical settings are uniquely prepared to solve problems in many other contexts.”

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  • Creative Movement

    Creative Movement at Pebblecreek has been designed to help the children explore their  imagination, spatial awareness, musicality and rhythm, movement quality, energy, as well as be a great source of physical activity. The class allows students the freedom of moving, expressing, and building confidence in a creative movement based dance class. The class is taught to all ages at Pebble Creek, and children as well as parents are given an opportunity to come together as a community two times during the school year in our annual Christmas/Winter Concert as well as our annual Spring Concert/Fine Arts Night.

  • Modern
    Students are able to learn the basics of dance as an art form, create choreography, and explore different movement styles. Children will learn how to jump higher, move faster, become more flexible, and gain tremendous balance and coordination. Students will strengthen their bodies, learn to have a keen ear for different genres of music, and have fun expressing themselves through movement.
  • Ballet
    This class is designed to teach the technical basis for dance as an art form. The class will strengthen student’s coordination and understanding of how the body moves. Children will be challenged to command their bodies to grow and expand in new ways. Students will learn important vocabulary used for dance through the language of French in this historical dance style.
  • Jazz
    This amazing dance style is built on the American art form of jazz music. Using ballet as technical base, this dance style allows children to experience an eclectic array of styles including musical theater, hip-hop, Latin jazz, modern, west coast/L.A., and classical jazz styles.
  • World Dance

    In this class, children will experience different cultures around the world. Dance is a form of communication and is used to celebrate birth, marriage, work, and “passing on” in many cultures. Students will learn about those cultures as well as gain an understanding and respect for our neighbors.

  • Pebblecreek Montessori Offers Full Day Classes for age 6 Weeks Through 6th Grade

  • Art

    The students of all ages see the creative expressions from around the world which produce art. They also think about what they are seeing by describing and analyzing the elements and principles of design that surround them in their daily lives. They share their thoughts about the “hows and whys” of the artistic work. The realization comes that there is no one way to interpret creative expression. Using the skills of problem solving makes art so open-ended. The comprehensive art program provides instruction and skill building in  many mediums, including drawing, painting, building collages and sculptures. Extras involve the printing process, beginning principles of photography and sewing projects. The students love displaying their artwork in many ways. Field trips to local museums and galleries are planned yearly. This type of art education provides the building of intuition, reasoning, imagination and dexterity that help develop a bridge between the verbal and non-verbal including the emotional growth that is needed to create a well educated person ready to succeed in the modern world.

    Special Activities

    The toddler, primary, and elementary children at Pebblecreek have their own gardens – an outdoor classroom. We follow a Montessori-based gardening program, complete with lessons presented to acquaint the children with the tools needed, how to plant seeds and weed the garden, feed the birds, and also lessons on practicing relaxation and peace in the
    garden. The children tend to their outdoor space every week.
    Fitness Training
    The physical education program teaches the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and exercise to children enrolled in all program levels beginning with the toddler program on up. The physical education program also includes the President’s Challenge for the elementary students.

    The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.

    — Maria Montessori
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