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  • Infant Program

    PCM provides a Montessori environment for infants, 6 weeks to 16 months of age, with three infants to each caregiver (The lowest student teacher ratio in Texas). Montessori supports the child by providing the proper environment with the trained adults to guide the infant. 

    • Nurturing Environment
    • Stimulating Activities
    • Scaled-down Furnishing
    • Beautiful Classroom
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  • Basic Needs of Trust

    The baby instinctively cries to reach out to the parent to communicate his needs. When the parent responds the baby learns trust and feels safe. We strive to continue this process of trust building when the child arrives at PCM. We learn from the parents the uniqueness of this individual infant so that we can support and build trust with the whole family unit.

  • Freedom of Movement

    In an Infant Montessori environment, there are no high chairs, swings, or containers for holding an infant. Instead, all the materials are placed on low shelves on the floor. Mats, rugs, low chairs and tables are available. The infant is placed in an area where he or she can absorb the entire environment having the freedom to move as desired.

  • Schedules 

    Sleeping, feeding schedules and diaper changes are individually based and recorded from home to school each day. We strive to communicate with parents daily to be sure we are meeting the needs of the constantly changing infant.

  • Environment

    Our infant environment is simple, clean and beautifully laid out. A variety of materials are placed throughout the room that ranging in textures, natural colors, and objects. Infant and early toddler sized furnishings are used within the room, diminishing hazards and providing access to the mobile child.

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  • Classroom Studies

    Montessori supports the child by providing the proper environment with the trained adults to guide the infant. In addition to the points above, the following are the ingredients to create this environment: 

    • Guided Exploration
    • Daily Outdoor Time
    • Individual Attention
    • Serene Classroom
  • Beautiful, Orderly and Clean Environment

    The environment is simple, clean and beautifully laid out. Materials vary in textures and many natural colors and objects are available. You will find treasure baskets filled with safe and real objects from around the house to explore. Care is taken to not overstimulate the infant. Less is more. Materials are continually rotated as the infant’s interests are observed.

  • Language and Communication

    The child needs to hear and communicate with a loving caregiver throughout all activities of the day. This serves as a basis for the child to develop his language. In addition, there are books, objects and pictures to stimulate with lots of one on one interaction between the caregivers and infants. There is often classical music playing for short periods of time and peaceful music plays in the darkening nap area.

  • Order

    Repetition and consistent routines are very supportive to the infant. Caregivers strive to create a consistent schedules and routines. For example, we change an infant’s diaper in the same order and by the same caregiver is possible. The caregiver moves through each step of the changing process explaining, encouraging participation, and building relationship with the infant.

  • Nature

    Nature and children go together. We have a lovely exclusive outdoor area for infants and toddlers behind our building. We have a four seat stroller and wagons for older infants. We make sure the infants go outside twice a day to enjoy the fresh air, trees, grasses and smells of nature.

  • The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.

    — Maria Montessori
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