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    Discover “What is Montessori?” and learn about what makes our IMC certified school special.

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    Our approach is consistent with meaningful learning that is individualized and hands-on.

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    Amazing teachers are the foundation of an outstanding Montessori Education.

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  • A Montessori education fuels the innate curiosity and love of learning in a child that will last a lifetime.

    Montessori is an alternative to traditional education for parents who will not settle for mediocre education, teaching to the test and for one-dimensional assessment practices. PCM is a school that embraces the place where a child is at the time they join our community while guiding them to the next level. 

    We do not place strong emphasis in any one area, but rather maximize a child’s exposure to a number of interrelated disciplines in the anticipation of striking a passion that will guide a child into adulthood and help them recognize their importance in society. 

    Children are given the gift of time to explore and master concepts and to do more than scratch the surface of concepts.  We foster their love of learning at a young age and show them the relationships between different disciplines as well as practical application knowledge. 

  • Montessori Classes

    PCM offers 6 unique learning programs.
  • Pebblecreek Montessori’s approach is consistent with meaningful learning that is individualized and hands on.

  • We value safe and nurturing learning environments and programs that challenge students to reach beyond their immediate grasp. Our programs are comprehensive and include practical life, geography, math, science, language, sensorial, Spanish, art, music, movement, and peace education. 

    • Upper Elementary
      • 4th-6th
      • Student Teacher Ratio
    • Lower Elementary
      • 1st-3rd
      • Student Teacher Ratio
    • Primary
      Buttercup & Bluebonnet
      • 3-6
        Years old
      • Student Teacher Ratio
    • Toddler
      Daffodil & Petunia
      • 24-36
        Months Old
      • Student Teacher Ratio
    • Pre Toddler
      • 15-24
        Months Old
      • Student Teacher Ratio
    • Infant
      • 2-15
        Months Old
      • Student Teacher Ratio
  • Montessori Certified Teachers

  • Pebblecreek teachers believe that education should be a fine balance between theory and practicality.

  • At Pebblecreek Montessori we believe that intelligence is innate. Our goal is to captivate our students’ imaginations and instill a desire and love of learning and exploration while encouraging personal excellence in each and every student.

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