March 2016

Pebblecreek Montessori School
  • The Power of Reading Together

    Language is a huge part of culture. It’s a tool that not only lets us communicate with each other but that defines the world and each person’s perceptions of it. Although humans learn little by instinct, babies start to pick up language subconsciously as soon […]

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  • Making Music for Better Mathematics

    Creating music is a distinctly human activity. We’ve been drawn to different patterns, sounds, rhythms, and instruments throughout our history. Music can guide everything from fashion trends to political movements. Having music in everyday life is recommended by a variety of psychological studies which have […]

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  • Building Vocabulary at Home

    Few things are as important as growing a child’s vocabulary. Several studies have shown that an increased vocabulary at a young age is a predictor of future school success. From the moment babies are born, they’re trying to learn how to communicate with everyone around, […]

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  • Gardening and the Nature Connection

    We lose touch with the natural world due to our man-made environment. We lose a sense of its presences, its wonder, and its importance. Detachment makes apathy about its condition much easier. Early childhood educators have been insisting on environmental education as part of modern […]

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