The changing of seasons is a special time of year. The shift from summer into fall is usually marked by chillier air and leaves turning from green to yellow or red. As we move into the brisker season, it’s nice to really look at what makes the season special. The unique changes of fall are even more interesting in children’s eyes. Here are some fun—and secretly educational—arts and crafts for the kids to participate in this fall.


Leaf Printing

A classic autumn craft with an educational twist. Leaf printing makes beautiful artwork but it’s also an opportunity to learn more about plant structures. Point out the little striations that create veins for plants to pass water all the way through the leaves. Look at the changes in the leaves—some change colors and fall off the trees; some stay green all year. Share what you know about botany and plant life with your kids. Find different materials and see what textures you can make. For the craft itself, put water soluble paint into trays or onto plates. Dip leaves gently into the paint, then press evenly onto a wide piece of paper—computer paper, butcher paper, or whatever you normally use to paint with kids. Alternatively, you can collect leaves and other natural materials to assemble into collages—just make sure you have some sturdy construction paper and good glue sticks handy! Have fun exploring the different things nature has to offer!

Make A Color Mural

Fall is full of colors that normally aren’t a part of the outdoor palette. Nature provides an annual opportunity to survey some of her greatest colors in cooler weather. Take your kids out into parks or around the neighborhood and find the different colors you can spot. Try to replicate these inspired fall colors. Watercolor painting gives them a chance to mix different colors and blend their fall tones together to create something new. Let them try as many colors as they want. Understanding color theory is a critical piece of early art education and helps children appreciate the natural beauty all around them.

Acorns Everywhere

These nuts are absolutely everywhere in the fall—why not put them to good use? Collect acorns and arrange them on a table or out on the patio. These little items can be even better than counting beans for a quick math activity. Depending on how old your children are, you can do some basic counting, arrange in groups of ten, or compare quantities to give them an idea of parts in a whole. It’s all part of making math conquerable. For more acorn math fun, check out Living Montessori Now’s tutorial!

However you decide to celebrate fall, try to plan activities that engage your kid’s developing skills. They grow up so quickly that having time together to do interesting crafts is valuable. Spending time together is always going to be one of the most important things you can do for your kids. But finding new and exciting ways to learn at home will help you enrich their education and create a more supportive learning environment. Get out there and enjoy the wonderful things fall has to offer!

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