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Meet Our Educators
  • Meet Our Teachers

    All our lead guides are certified to work with specific age groups.
  • Pebblecreek teachers believe that education should be a fine balance between theory and practicality.

  • At Pebblecreek Montessori we believe that intelligence is innate. Our goal is to captivate our students’ imaginations and instill a desire and love of learning and exploration while encouraging personal excellence in each and every student.

  • Infant, Pre Toddler, Toddler and Primary

    • Rawshan Diba
      Infant Lead Guide
    • Shamsi Khoddami
      Toddler Lead Guide
    • Rhonda Sellman
      Toddler Lead Guide
    • Shazia Farooq
      Primary Teacher
    • Rosa Vazquez
      Primary Teacher
  • Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary

    • Viji Sridhar
      Upper Elementary Teacher
  • Administration

    • Pinky Kohli
      Head of Pebblecreek Montessori
    • Tashia Garcia
      Administrative Coordinator
    • Fernando Osornio
      Executive Chef
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