• Academic Programs

    Pebblecreek believes that the world is best served by confident, creative and independent learners who understand the interdependence of all living creatures and who internalize respect for self, others and the environment.

    We offer full and part-time programs for children from 2 months through 12 years. 

    The early childhood programs offer Half Day, School Day, and Extended Day Programs for infants through children aged 6 years old.

    Elementary program students (1st through 6th grades) attend School Day or Extended Day hours.

    2 - 16 Months
    16 - 36 months
    3 - 6 years
    6-12 years
  • Spanish Program

    Pebblecreek believes that education should entail a balance between theory and practicality.

    Learning a language is a process that involves the natural development of phonemic awareness, sound discrimination and the development of expressive and receptive language.

    For this to happen, it should be taught at a very early age, while the channels of the brain are most receptive to language development, preferably at the same time the native language is being taught.

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  • Summer Camp Programs

    We believe the Montessori materials are merely tools to develop multi-sensory thinkers into abstract thinkers who have an increased capacity for critical thinking and superior communication skills.

    All children in attendance during the summer months will attend the camps. There is no additional charge for children enrolled in our 12-month program. Camps will run daily from 9:00am-12:00pm. All children will stay at school for lunch.

    Our current students and eligible siblings will get priority placement in our summer program followed by an open enrollment period for the general public. The summer program will consist of 10 sessions; each session lasting one week.

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    • lunch-montessori-plano-snacks
      Easy Snacks For Preschoolers to Make Themselves
      Food preparation is what Montessorians call a “practical life activity.” It helps teach independence, coordination, and responsibility in addition to basic kitchen skills. Advocates of the Montessori method often say it’s a good idea to have a cupboard set aside in your kitchen that children [...]
    • Montessori-Toddler-Preschool-Allen
      The Montessori Toddler Journey
      The curriculum of a Montessori classroom emphasizes specific skills while enhancing a child’s natural learning process. Children are introduced to the program through a variety of hands-on activities in a prepared environment. Sensorial Children naturally use their powers of observation during the early years, which [...]
    • Allen Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten What is Play
      What is Play?
      We worry. As parents we worry about our children’s academic success, seeing it as the gateway to a good future. As educators we worry about whether we are making a positive impact on the students. It should come then as no surprise that we constantly [...]
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