• Toddler Program

    Pebblecreek’s toddler program is designed for children ages 16 months to 36 months. Our program offers a child the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally and cognitively through real and positive interactions and carefully chosen materials. The sequence of activities in the toddler environment helps give order, consistency and security to each child’s daily life.

    • Calm Atmosphere
    • Passionate Instructors
    • Intelligent Play
    • Energizing Outdoor Time
  • Montessori-Certified Teachers

    Each classroom environment is staffed by a Montessori-Certified Lead Guide who has had thorough training in child development and guided instruction methods. They foster a strong sense of community, among themselves as well as with the children. The most important emphasis for our guides is on kindness, personal responsibility, exploration, and cooperation.

  • Classroom Setting

    The Montessori toddler classroom is specially prepared to meet the developmental needs of a young child. The classroom is furnished with miniature tables and chairs and didactic materials that offer toddlers the opportunity to exercise their senses and development of independence.

  • Multi-Age Classrooms

    In the toddler classroom, children work independently and acquire self-discipline and a higher maturity level academically and emotionally. The range of ages gives children the opportunity to be both a follower and a leader during their time in the toddler program. 

  • Passion for Learning

    The class environment awakens their natural curiosity by allowing freedom to explore and discover. Montessori philosophy holds that all human beings are intelligent and that learning is a natural process.

  • Classroom Studies

    Toddlers work with material in the following subject areas: practical life, sensorial, language and art. In the practical life areas, children develop independence, concentration, coordination and a sense of order. Toddlers participate in both music and Spanish classes each week. Learning social skills is a big part of a toddler’s development. Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately.

    • Movement Encouraged
    • Acquiring Language
    • Positive Relationships
    • Gaining Independence
  • Practical Life Studies

    In the practical life areas, children develop independence, concentration, coordination and a sense of order. “Container play” and other sorting activities promote fine motor skills as well as laying the ground work for self-sufficiency. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own toys and tools which gives them a greater sense of independence. Montessori Guides help children develop competence, concentration, and coordination which builds their confidence further. Knowing they are capable of success increases children’s satisfaction and motivates them well.

  • Social Skills

    Learning social skills is a big part of a toddler’s development. Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately.  Interacting with their peers and working together on projects helps children learn more about cooperation, teamwork, and friendship. Skills like these are invaluable in creating a positive environment throughout life. Socialization also helps children acquire language, learning different words each day. Our Guides provide a nurturing setting for the children to grow, build relationships, and learn how to regulate their own emotions more easily.

  • Creative Movement

    Students participate in activities to improve their coordination and balance. They learn to explore the world of creatively expressing themselves with their bodies. Through dance, they become more self-confident and imaginative.

  • Physical Education

    Students participate in weekly P.E. where they are taught the importance of physical fitness and encouraged to achieve their individual potential. Team games are introduced with the focus on teamwork and the development of healthy attitudes to both winning and losing.

  • Montessori Classes Nurture Your Child's Passion for the Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts Program

    Pebblecreek offers an exceptional program based on the teachings of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, and the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Children are exposed to music from around the world. They sing, move, and play musical instruments. Music can be heard throughout the day, as the children sing, work, play, and grow in their school environment. Children learn about singing and body rhythms first, as Kodaly encouraged, so they know they can be musical and independent. When ready, the children explore and play Orff instruments, which Carl Orff designed to meet the needs of young instrumentalist. The music program’s goal is to awaken musical creativity and guide well-balanced children toward artistic development.


    ” Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. “

    — Maria Montessori
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